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Ponder: A Policy Language for Distributed Systems Management
Ponder is a language for specifying management and security policies for distributed systems. It has been developed as part of ongoing research being carried out by the group into the use of policy in distributed systems management.

The complete specification of the Ponder Langauge can be found here>
As part of the Ponder development effort, a complete toolkit has been developed to support the users of the language. Available components include:

  -   Ponder Compiler (v2.1)
For version 2.3 of the Ponder Grammar
A Compiler framework for the Ponder policy specification language. It supports the main features of the Ponder grammar v2.3. It consists of a Syntax Analyser, a two-pass Semantic Analyser, and the default Java Code Generator for Obligation and Refrain Policies, and XML code generator.
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  -   Ponder Policy Editor (v1.0.1)
A customisable text editor for the Ponder language, written in Java. It has all the basic features of a text editor, and includes features that make text editing Ponder Policies easy.
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  -   Ponder Management Toolkit (v1.0)
A Management Toolkit Framework, designed to allow for the addition of tools to be managed from a central management console.
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The following documentation provides an overview of the toolkit, the source code and how to go about implementing enforcement agents. We also provide a summary of the toolkit here

If you have any questions regarding the Ponder toolkit please contact the Ponder Implementation Group by emailing ponder@doc.ic.ac.uk

Ponder Toolkit Withdrawn
Please note that we no longer provide downloads of the Ponder Toolkit since we are unable to support it. Any e-mail to the above address to request a copy of the software is likely to go unanswered.

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