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About the Policy Group
You will find general information about the group, its members and contact information in this section of the site.

Group Members
The Policy Group is headed by Prof. Morris Sloman and made up of the following people. More information about each person is available on their individual homepages. Those who do not have a homepage can be contacted by their emails.

      - Prof. Morris Sloman
      - Dr. Emil Lupu
      - Dr. Naranker Dulay
      - Dr. Alessandra Russo
      - Prof. Bashar Nuseibeh

Research Associates/Assistants:
      - Dr. Kevin Twidle
      - Dr. Nat Pryce
      - Dr. Markus Huebscher
      - Dr. Sye Loong Keoh
      - Dr. Eleftheria Katsiri
      - Dr. Giovanni Russello
      - Dr. Hahnsang Kim
      - Ms. Nilufer Tuptuk (email)
      - Mr. Changyu Dong (email)
      - Mr. Irfan Zakiuddin (email)

Ph.D. Students:
      - Ms. Vrizlynn Thing
      - Mr. Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho
      - Mr. Eskindir Asmare (email)
      - Mr. Driss Choujaa (email)
      - Mr. Waliullah Kazi (email)
Group Meetings & Seminars
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Contact Information
Postal Address:
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
Huxley Building
180, Queen's Gate
London SW7 2RH, United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7581 8024
Fax: +44 (0)20 7594 8298
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The policy research group at Imperial College maintains a mailing list of individuals interested in the latest developments in the research being undertaken by the group. In addition, subscribers will receive information about upcoming events, conferences and significant updates to this site.

To subscribe simply e-mail policy-sig-request@doc.ic.ac.uk with 'subscribe' as the subject line. Alternatively, you can subscribe by visiting the Policy-sig site.

If you wish to unsubsribe from the list, simply send an email to the same address with 'unsubscribe' as the subject line.
Policy-Sig Site
The Policy-Sig site allows you to browse through prior postings to the group.

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