Ubiquitous Computing Grand Challenge: Manifesto

The current version of the manifesto can be found here:

Annexe to Manifesto: Foothill Projects

The manifesto sets out the issues and goals to be addressed, the next step is to trace a roadmap to bring us towards meeting the challenge. It is the nature of a Grand Challenge that we cannot immediately define a path to its goals. There are still many aspects of ubiquitous computing we have to understand better in order to be ready to map our way to it. Our next step will therefore to propose and work on so called "foothill" projects (FPs), so that exploratory research can be marshalled towards define the roadmap. The description of these foothill projects is separate to the manifesto and will be joined here by other work towards the challenge as work is undertaken. Several UK computing research communities are involved in this phase, and you too are invited to participate by proposing an FP (400-word abstracts to start with), or by cooperating with defining and working on an existing one.

Some outline FPs have already been written. These outlines don't correspond necessarily to research projects that are running or about to run. Each one should be regarded as defining a topic for several possible projects, which may or may not be coordinated, but would follow the profiles of the FP. Ideally such projects would have something to say on three aspects: engineering principles, underlying theories and specific application.

Each author has included some links in their outline FP topic. However, we are well aware that, over the world, there must be projects running that are relevant to the topic, researchers already proposing a relevant project, research centres with special concern for the topic, funding programmes that are concerned with the topic, and so on. Further, we would like to evolve longer, truer, more refined outlines for them. We therefore encourage people to send us (via the GC mailing list) information and contributions to the debate of any kind that will be useful to researchers who wish to take the topic further. These discussions do more than help to improve documents; they help to form a research community of those whose interests lie in any topic involved in UbicompGC. So don't hesitate to take part.

The current set of foothill projects is below. The order of the examples is alphabetical, and has no other significance. As a result of discussion this annexe is expected to grow, both in the number and variety of topics and in the detail of each proposal.